Dental Cleanings

It’s no secret that regular dental cleanings are an important part of maintaining your oral hygiene and dental health, it’s also no secret that many people dread them, postpone them, or put them off all together. Most of the time cleanings are a simple and painless process, but some people just can’t past the fear of the noises, the occasional discomfort and general anxiety of not knowing what to expect when they get in the chair. So, let’s break down the process of a dental cleaning visit.

When you coming in for a cleaning, the first thing that usually happens is a dental hygienist will examine your entire mouth. They will be looking for any signs of gingivitis and other issues.

Next, they will remove plaque and tarter in between your teeth and around the gums. To reduce the amount of tartar that needs to be scraped off, make sure to brush and floss regularly!

The next step is a high-powered brushing with a professional, gritty toothpaste that polishes your teeth.

Then, we’ll do an expert flossing, get your rinsed off and do a fluoride treatment. The fluoride treatment helps to protect your teeth by fighting cavities up to several months after your visit.

Still anxious? Give us a call to discuss your dental visit and learn more about how we make our dental visits as comfortable, safe, and easy as possible.