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It is never easy for a person to be told they will need several teeth or all their teeth pulled due to decay or gum disease. It is not only difficult physically for someone to be missing their teeth, but it is also detrimental to the person’s overall health and well-being. Dentures and partial dentures are great ways to replace missing teeth and bring back a person’s smile, self-esteem, and confidence.

What Are Dentures?

While the older style of dentures may not have been as high-quality as the ones today, complete dentures are now constructed to fit the mold of each person’s mouth. You will be able to smile, speak clearly, and chew your food adequately to provide proper nutrition. Quality dentures fit properly and can also be re-aligned if needed to continue to fit in the person’s mouth correctly and look natural. Dentures can be adequately held in place with dental implants or with various adhesives available on the market today.

Partial Dentures

Dentures and Partials South Pasadena CA

Partial dentures are bridges constructed with the number of teeth that a person has missing in one area of their mouth. They are connected to the surrounding natural teeth with metal or invisible brackets or adhesive to keep them in place. The teeth to be replaced are designed to match the color and size of the person’s natural teeth.

Dentures and Partials provided by Huntington Dental Excellence in South Pasadena, California

Dr. Gin Goei and Dr. Sharon Gabriel and their team at Huntington Dental Excellence offer complete dentures as well as partial dentures to enhance your smile and improve your chewing and speech abilities as well as your digestion. They provide conventional dentures or immediate ones, depending on the preferences and needs of their patients. Located in South Pasadena, their practice offers a tranquil, relaxed, and friendly experience while maintaining a completely up-to-date and professional yet caring environment.

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Types of Dentures and Partials