Dental Sealants Help Children and Adults Alike to Fight Cavities

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You brush and floss your teeth daily to keep gum disease and tooth decay in check. Unfortunately, these at-home dental care practices are never enough. Dental cavities can still occur even to those that take optimal care of their teeth. Luckily, dental sealants from Huntington Dental Excellence in South Pasadena, California, can protect your teeth from cavities. While cavity sealants are predominantly used in children and teens, they are beneficial for adults, too.

What is a Dental Sealant?

Teeth sealants act as a protective barrier to prevent cavities. It’s made of plastic material designed to protect the molars and premolars vulnerable to cavities. When added to the chewing part of the teeth, dental sealants prevent plaque and acids from eroding your tooth enamel.

Regardless of how well you brush your teeth, your toothbrush can’t access all the depressions and grooves in your teeth. As a result, food debris collects on the teeth, causing dental caries. Sealants work by protecting the vulnerable spots in your teeth.

Dental Sealants South Pasadena CA

What to expect from the Dental Sealant Procedure

Applying dental sealant is one of the most straightforward and painless procedures in dentistry:

  1. We clean your teeth thoroughly and then apply a conditioning gel on your teeth briefly to roughen the surface of your teeth for the sealant to bond firmly.
  2. We wipe off the gel and dry the teeth.
  3. We apply the dental sealant and use a special light to harden it.

With proper oral hygiene, dental sealants can last up to 10 years until they are due for replacement. However, everyone is different, and some sealants need to be reapplied sooner.

Dental Sealants in South Pasadena, California

Dr. Gin Goei
Dr. Sharon Gabriel
Are you looking for dental sealants for kids in South Pasadena, CA? Or perhaps you are searching for dental sealants for adults? Either way, you can count on Huntington Dental Excellence for high-quality dental sealants. All you need to do is dial (626) 382-2756 to book an appointment with Drs. Gin Goei and Sharon Gabriel.
What to expect from the Dental Sealant Procedure